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The goal of our social justice programming is to train cross-generational people groups from youth to seniors through the initiatives of Leadership & Empowerment, Community Development and Neighborhood Revitalization.
Leadership & Empowerment


Andy Street equips community members with leadership skills that transform and empower residents to effectively create, develop, and implement positive ideas. Programming provides citizens with the following training and resources: leadership & team building, community building, entrepreneurial development, K-12 academic enrichment, post-secondary academic enrichment, recreational activities, cultural awareness and scholarship opportunities.

Courses & classes offered:


Ambassador Training Course,

Social Entrepreneurship, Arts Education, Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Financial Literacy and Environmental Justice.

Neighborhood Revitalization


Municipalities are increasingly in need of new and more effective strategies to establish community-based programs.  These programs must address the need to improve the participation and involvement of community residents, businesses, churches, and other key stakeholders in establishing viable and impactful ways to address community issues and concerns. There is also a national focus on community leadership development and community-based strategies for the development and improvement of neighborhoods.

The success of the Andy Street Multi-Family Improvement District, which was the first of its kind in the United States, and the Neighborhood Ambassador Project, is due in part to training and empowering those closest to the problem.

Community Development

Andy Street creates involved citizenship within local housing communities that identifies problems, celebrates successes and educates residents about property management and ownership. Programming provides citizens with the following resources, skills and access: reasonable and timely access to local meetings; an opportunity to review proposed activities and program performance; provides for timely written answers to written complaints and grievances; highlights and celebrates successes and identifies how the needs of non-English speaking residents will be met.
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