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The Andy Street Community Association (ASCA) is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that empowers communities to be courageous, believe, grow and improve.  ASCA is comprised of residents, property owners and businesses from the Andy Street community in North Long Beach, CA.  Andy Street Community Association nurtures community collaboration, seeks resources and opportunities that benefit the community and develops programs that improve quality of life.


Andy Street is a one-block community comprised of 24 multi-family dwelling units located in the northeast section of Long Beach, CA. In 2002, violent crimes escalated to a crisis point and the Long Beach Police Department identified the Andy Street neighborhood as a “hot spot," citing serious concern about the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. The neighborhood was deemed unsafe and, for safety reasons, the US Postal Service refused to come into the community to deliver mail. With 96 families in jeopardy, representatives from the City of Long Beach Community Development Department, Redevelopment Agency, Police Department, and the City Council District office began a series of meetings with property owners and tenants to discuss their concerns and explore solutions on how to address them.  These meetings led to the creation of the Andy Street Community Association in 2002.


Since its inception, ASCA's presence in the North Long Beach community has been a catalyst for neighborhood revitatlization, and the organization's successful plan of action was identified as a blueprint for similar communities in the country that struggle with crime, violence, unemployment, malnutrition and rising public school drop-out rates.   Our success has been measured by the decline in police calls, crime, arrests, disturbances and an increase in community involvement and resident education. Residents and business owners enjoy an overall improvement in the quality of life, i.e., a cleaner, safer, more vibrant neighborhood.

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